Medical Allowance

MICA gives financial support to patients suffering from chronic illness 

We provide financial assistance to people suffering from life-threatening diseases. One of the MICA members can submit an application for the patient to MICA, along with a medical certificate, 2 reference letters, proof of identity, hand written application, and bank details.  After the verification, MICA issue financial help to the patient through the MICA member.


Download Application Form

  • Share And Care Application Form for the Financial help (download the application form)
  •  A handwritten application by the patient/relative explaining their present medical/financial conditions. English only.
  • A Medical Certificate on hospital Letterhead (Not valid more than 9 months)
  • Reference Letter 1
  • Reference Letter 2 (Both letters on a letterhead by different authorities with a contact number on it, for example Panchayath member/religious priest)
  • Bank passbook copy (Frontpage only with account details)
  • A copy of the identification card (Example: Aadhaar Card/ Election ID Card etc)

    For further details please contact us.